Say NO to EU membership for Ukraine
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Say NO to EU membership for Ukraine

Say NO to EU membership for Ukraine
Ukraine is one of the most corrupt and unstable countries in the world.1 As the poorest nation in Europe,2 it is notorious for the extensive political influence wielded by organized crime families active within its borders and the harrowing levels of human trafficking.3 Tragically, children in Ukraine are subjected to the worst forms of child labour and little effort has been made to stop this dismal practice.4 This is a country that is home to millions of people who wish to migrate to the EU and flood our nations with cultural and economic tensions. Most strikingly, the country is currently embroiled in a devastating war with Russia and hopes for peace are dwindling as negotiations have come to a grinding halt.

In spite of all this, and apparently blind to these realities, European leaders have disastrously offered Ukraine a fast track to EU membership. 

Economic burden
Such membership would draw our continent into a direct war with Russia; an undesirable conflict for which we are woefully unprepared. It would also result in massive inflows of migrants from Ukraine, adding to the social and economic burden of mass migration borne by many EU nations. Finally, the mere cost of membership for Ukraine has been estimated to be at least €200 million PER DAY!5

We have to stop this. With the support of 1 million EU citizens from at least 7 different EU countries, we can launch an official European Citizens’ Initiative to block this disastrous plan.

Join us and say NO
Sign and share our petition now and help us to reach the phenomenal threshold of 1 million signatures. It is time to send a clear message to the political elites wishing to go down this fatal path: we, the citizens of Europe, say NO to EU membership for Ukraine!

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