SEMINAR: LGBT - a weapon for American hegemony
Sunday 18 juni 202310:00- 16:00

SEMINAR: LGBT - a weapon for American hegemony

  • Includes lunch
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Discover the roots of LGBT-ideology


AmsterdamThe exact location will be announced soon, keep an eye on your email

About this event

LGBT rights have taken on an ideological importance which goes way beyond the message of tolerance on which they were initially based. They are now a central axis of EU and USA foreign policy, reflecting the conviction that the collective West is more advanced than the rest of the world. LGBT rights embody the globalist ideal of a world without borders between countries, without distinctions between sexes, and without any definition of normality. They are part of the ideology which holds that nature, including the climate, can be dominated by the human mind and that the world (including the human body) should be reduced to a mere instrument at the service of the human will. These so-called rights are at the core of the transhumanist and anti-natalist project of the West, a project which aims to destroy the very meaning of men, women and children.

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